Forget Me Not Farm

Youth Rehabilitation & Abuse Prevention

Forget Me Not Farm is helping to break the cycle of abuse by providing animal-assisted and horticultural therapy services for at-risk youth. At this haven for children, plants and animals, everyone learns and heals together.

Forget Me Not Farm Children’s Services was founded in 1992 by director Carol Rathmann, and established as a non-profit subsidiary of the Sonoma Humane Society in 2008. The Farm is sanctuary for a menagerie of animals who, at one time or another, suffered from neglect or abuse. The experiences at the Farm teach young people to treat other living beings with respect, a lesson that opens paths to healing and helps reduce the likelihood of a perpetual cycle of abuse.

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We started our program to teach at-risk children how to love animals – so they wouldn’t hurt them. Very quickly we discovered that our animals were helping the children too. For almost 20 years, we’ve been witnessing amazing transformations. Our farm provides a place for the children to experience and learn kindness, compassion, and empathy from a new source they can trust. It’s breaking the cycle of abuse. ~ Carol Rathmann

Breaking the Cycle

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