Tiny 4 year old girl needs a new home

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I am recently divorced and can not afford to keep my baby. This is very sad but I wish for her to continue to live in the nice lifestyle that she has been accustomed to. She loves LOVES children and all people and cats. She does not like other dogs unless they are very large dogs.  I do not know why. She had always been this way. She will try to fight small dogs but the really huge dogs she loves and plays with. She is poodle so she does not shed at all!  She of course is spayed and all shots etc. She was given to me as a baby from my old neighbor who had purchased her for his wife who subsequently died soon after. She loves to cuddle and spoon. She uses the restroom in the restroom on a potty pad. If you’d like to meet her, please contact me at dorothymichellemoore@gmail.com


  1. Is she a barker? I am interested in a small dog and she is so cute. I would love to cuddle with her. Please reply

  2. I live alone and I’m looking for a cuddly companion I just lost my Yorkie and my house is empty. Your baby sounds too good to be true, please call 7077957328

  3. We just bought an rv and we are looking for companion

  4. I would be interred in meeting her as well.

  5. Hello, I am very interested in your little baby. Is she still available.

  6. I am interested in your sweet girl. She would be perfect addition to our family.

  7. I am interested. We are a couple pass 60, love to go on walks and have a shy cat in our family. I had to put my 16 year old bischon down last week because he was growing too old. miss him.

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