Very sweet older Pomeranian needs a loving human

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Hi! my name is Cricket.  I am a 13 year old teacup Pomeranian who weighs barely 5 pounds! I recently moved to a new home that is big and has hardwood floors everywhere that I can’t walk on because I slip and fall. Also, my family has become very busy and I am alone a lot. It makes me sad, so I am looking for a new home. I am small and quite manageable. I have a very sweet disposition and if I do bark, (which isn’t a lot) it’s very small. I would love to spend my days with someone who is home a lot and has a carpeted house so I don’t slip and fall. I like to spend my days inside, where I will use a Potty Pad, or you can let me out to go to the bathroom. I sleep in a crate at night and love to spend my day in a bed with my favorite blankie, both preferably near my human. I’m in pretty good health, although I have some bad teeth that may need to be removed soon and I take thyroid medicine twice a day.

If you’d like to meet me please contact my human at

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