Ricky – Sweet, spunky Cockapoo pup looking for his forever home

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Hi! My name is Ricky! I am a sweet, spunky, 11 month old (neutered) 2nd generation cockapoo pup (~20 lbs) who is such a big bundle of joy that it is almost impossible for everyone that meets me to not fall in love with me.  I am a playful, scrappy boy who loves playing with any dog I meet,  even if they are twice my size! I am doing great on my leash training and am getting pretty good at  my basic commands like sit and stay with treats.  I come from a big, busy household and am still a bit confused about where I should and should not go potty, so my new parent needs to be willing and able to take the time and energy to train me properly.  I also need at least one long walk (and ideally two walks or some additional time at the dog park) a day to keep me out of trouble.  I am a puppy after all! I know I can get better at all of this with clear, consistent training!  I bond very strongly with my primary caregiver, and though I love my brother and litter mate, Rama, (also listed here) I get jealous and possessive of treats, toys & my person around him a lot and don’t really want to share! So, I may do better as an only dog and then get my quality time with other dogs at the dog park.  If you are wanting to have a one dog household, and ready to dedicate the time and energy to training a playful, adventurous pup that will bond deeply with you and melt your heart every day, I may be the right pup for you!
Note: Though Ricky has been great with the few kids he has met so far, it might be best for him to go to a home with no kids or only older kids just in case he decides a little kid in the family is another dog to be alpha to!    He has not experience with cats indoors, but loves chasing them outdoors.
Why Ricky is looking for a new home:  Ricky’s current family is heart-broken to have to let him and his brother go, but the husband recently became very sick and they just don’t have the time and energy to give him and his brother (Ricky, listed here separately) the proper training and attention they really need for the best life possible.  Ricky’s current family deeply love these little boys and would love to shift into Auntie/Uncle mode and have visiting rights. (Ideally someone in Sebastopol.) They would be a great dog walker to support you from time to time!
Though Rama and Ricky (litter mates) are good buddies, based on what we stated above, we are open to the possibility that they may actually do just as good or better apart.  We have thought it may work better to home them together if they both had their own person to bond to in the family. (They had to share their mom as primary caregiver in the current family design.)  So, if you are strongly interested in adopting both pups and two people in your family are clearly committed to bonding with each individually and supporting and training them separately, we would consider homing them together.  And just keep in mind that though they are double the cuteness, they are quite a handful together!
To express interest in adopting Ricky, please contact Michelle at joyfullymichelle@gmail.com

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