Scenting (Short Series) Thursday, 3/30-4/20 @ 6:45 pm with Karen Schwartz


Scenting (Short series-4 weeks) 

Date: Thursday, March 30 - April 20

Time: 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm

Cost: $100

Scenting is a growing dog sport and wonderful activity for your dog. Learn how to target your dogs nose on a specific odor doing what dogs do naturally.  Scenting will engage your dogs mind, help build communication with you, and tire them out. This is a great activity for you to work with your active dog indoors or out, and for your less active dog as well. In this 4 week class we will introduce the odor birch and work with searches both inside the building and outdoors in a variety of increasingly complex environments. K9 Nosework is an excellent confidence building activity as well for nervous and excitable dogs too!  Each participant will be given a small scenting kit for home practice.


Instructor: Karen Schwartz

Location: Sonoma Humane Society Training Room


Price: $100.00

Start Time: 6:45 pm
End Time: 7:45 pm

Date: March 30, 2017

Karen Schwartz
Sonoma Humane Society
5345 Highway 12 West
Santa Rosa, CA
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