Rama – A sweet, soulful Cockapoo pup looking for forever home

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Hi! My name is Rama. I am a sweet, soulful little 11 month old (neutered) 2nd generation cockapoo pup ( ~20 lbs) whose sweet eyes and disposition will melt your heart in a second. Everyone says I am the cutest thing they have ever seen… everyone.   I love all people and most other dogs (unless they are a bit big and overly hyper, then they intimidate me a bit and I might bark at them until I get to know them.)  I love my walks at Ragle park and the beach where I meet fun people and other pups to play with and am doing great on my leash training. I am getting pretty good at sit and stay commands (especially for a treat) and with a bit more practice will be stellar! I get the potty training thing most of the time, but still a bit wimpy when it is raining or confused in new places.  I don’t have much experience with little kids but I sure do love kissing all those I see on my walks! (I don’t have much experience with cats, but will chase ones that are outside.)  I also am still a silly, crazy pup at times and haven’t fully gotten that the couch pillow, for example, isn’t a great toy.  So, I need a patient, understanding person who is willing to take the time and energy to train me the rest of the way.  I really do need 1-2 good walks a day to keep me out of trouble.  I am a puppy after all! So, if you are looking for a sweet, silly, loving pup who will make you smile at every corner and are ready to take on the training needed to get me fully trained, then I just may be the pup for you!
Why Rama’s looking for a new home: Rama’s current family is heart-broken to have to let him go, but the husband recently became very sick and they just don’t have the time and energy to give him and his brother (Ricky, listed here separately) the proper training and attention they really need for the best life possible.  Rama’s current family deeply love these little boys and would love to shift into Auntie/Uncle mode and have visiting rights. (Ideally someone in Sebastopol.) They would be a great dog walker to support you from time to time!
The brothers:  Though Rama and Ricky (litter mates) are good buddies much of the time, we are posting them separately because Ricky often dominates Rama and gets possessive of his toys and his person around Rama. So we are open to the possibility that they may actually do just as good or better apart.  To be housed together, they would likely both each really need their own person to bond to in the family.  So, if you are strongly interested in adopting both pups and two people in your family are clearly committed to bonding with each individually and supporting and training them separately, we would consider homing them together.  And just keep in mind that though they double the cuteness together, they are quite a handful!
To express interest please contact Michelle at joyfullymichelle@gmail.com

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