Pet Guardianship

Have you ever wondered, “Who will be there for my animals after I’m gone?”

Not everyone has a friend or family member who is able to assume responsibility for the quality of care your four-legged companion deserves. Recognizing this, we created Loving for Life, a pet guardianship program that extends beyond the unforeseen.

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How it Works

Establishing a trust provides the ongoing care you wish for your four-legged loved ones given the unforeseen. Making the time to take the following six steps will set both you and your pet’s heart and minds at ease.

Step 1: Chat with your attorney about how to create a pet trust as part of your living trust, your will or as a stand-alone legal document.

Step 2: Leave your instructions in your will or trust bequeathing your companion animals to The Sonoma Humane Society, tax ID# 94-6001315. This allows us to provide fully for your animals’ unique needs—including medical care—as we find him/her a loving, forever home.

Step 3: Determine an annual donation amount to The Sonoma Humane Society that you’re comfortable maintaining. In addition, include a gift in your will or trust that will help us sustain care for your pet(s) once they are entrusted to us. In return, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your beloved companion animal(s) finds the perfect new home.

Step 4: Complete the Loving for Life Application and Pet Biography.

Step 5: Upon approval, you will receive a Pet Alert ID card that you should carry next to your driver’s license. This will alert the appropriate person(s) about where to take your pet in the event of the unforeseen. Step 6: Designate a friend, relative or neighbor to bring your pet(s) here as needed.

Some suggested language: At the time of my death I give my pet(s) ________________________________ [name of pet, type & breed] owned by me to the Sonoma Humane Society, Santa Rosa, California to be placed in a loving home(s) pursuant to the Society’s pet guardianship program.

Questions? Contact Melissa Dobar at 707.542.0882, ext. 241 or email

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