A new home for Paris Rose

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I didn’t realize when I moved recently to Burbank Heights, a senior living community in Sebastopol, that I would have such a difficult time helping Paris Rose adjust to being a totally indoor kitty. She always had the freedom of using a kitty door to come and go for the 12 years that she has lived with me. She still wants and needs that freedom. Paris Rose is a lovely and beautiful kitty, very social, behaves extremely well, unless confined, enjoys visitors, and is very active for her age. Although she is hyperthyroid, which is common for older cats, I simply put granulated medicine in with her wet food twice a day. It’s easy to manage. Being primarily an outdoor kitty she loves to hunt, but she doesn’t hunt birds. Since she has been here at Burbank she has caught 5 gophers that I know of. While I think that is good due to the huge number on the grounds here, it wasn’t enough to convince management to let her continue to roam outside.

Paris Rose is not accustomed to living with small children, or other pets, so I can’t say how she would work out in those environments. However, she had been in a neighborhood with other outdoor kitties and there was never a problem.

While I could continue to try to keep her inside all of the time, I think it would be very disruptive for both of us. I do not intend to break her spirit by forcing her to be an indoor kitty. It’s my choice, and not a judgement. Being outside is in her genetic makeup.

The perfect environment for Paris Rose would be a loving home where she could come and go as she pleases. If you are willing to consider having a wonderful companion that would enhance your world, please feel free to contact me for more details. Thank you for helping us out. insidevublog@gmail.com

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