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We are trying to re-home our beautiful white house cat. He is neutered and has been an indoor cat only. He has never had one accident inside and uses a litter box faithfully.  Because of my compromised immune system due to ongoing Lupus, I am unable to keep him due to severe allergies which have developed as my immune system continually weakens.

A bit about “Mr. Wooner”: ( short for “wooner-fitz”/ Amish word for “snoop”) He is a very affectionate cat and loves to be spoiled. He likes being able to have a bed by a window, so he can look outside. He has never been ill, and has been treated with tick and flea prevention even though he is an indoor cat. He likes his feedings, etc. done on schedule, and feels more secure this way. Since he is deaf, he loves chasing lights and is visually stimulated by looking at shadows, lights, etc. when playing. I am not sure how he would do with other cats or a dog, since we have only had him and he has been an indoor  cat.

Please consider adopting this beautiful, loving cat! We hope so much to find him a good home. He is calm, loving and has a very sweet little “meow” for such a big guy! ( He really is a marshmallow!) Contact:

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