Kitty Girls Need a New Home

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My beloved cats, Leah (Lay-uh), Jeana (Jay-nuh), and Princess Dog are in need of new homes.

Princess Dog is a female 9 year old long haired calico. She lives mainly outdoors, and can be timid at first, but is a love once she gets to know you and so long as there is food for her to enjoy. She would do best in a quiet home.

Leah and Jeana, both 7 year old cats, have been together since they were three month old kittens. Both are natural born snugglers and love people of all ages! Due to their lifelong bond, it is preferred that these girls remain sisters in their new home.

Leah is a short haired black indoor/outdoor cat. She loves to eat and lounge  in warm spaces, such as near a heater, in your lap, on the couch, and in bed. Do not be surprised if this little love bug starts making biscuits while she’s all cuddled up with you.

Jeana is a short haired tabby, and is indoor/outdoor just like her best kitty friend, though perhaps a bit more outdoor. This sweetie loves to purr and show affection towards her people. She may even perch on your shoulder while she shows you just how much she loves you.  Contact:

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