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The Sonoma Humane Society offers a variety of programs to educate children and teens about compassion, responsibility, respect, safety and care of animals. Camps sessions include Animal Adventure and Education Camps, A Week on the Farm Camp, and Career Camp!



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Animal Adventure and Education Camps
Our Animal Adventure and Education Camps are designed to foster respect, compassion and kindness towards all living beings. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in behind-the-scenes activities at the Sonoma Humane Society, attend field trips to local animal care organizations and learn from guest speakers. Our goal is to share the world of animal care and welfare to future generations in a safe, fun and hands-on learning environment!

A Week on the Farm Camp
Different from our other camps, the focus of this camp is on learning while working alongside farm staff to care for over 25 farm animals and 3 acres of organic vegetable, herb and flower gardens and a fruit tree orchard. Learn about large animal husbandry as you clean, groom and feed the farm animals. Get to know our 4 alpacas, Raymond the Steer, Reno our painted horse and many more friendly farm animals. Learn how healthy food is grown and prepared using sustainable agriculture practices. At our hands-on camp, you’ll spend the week planting seeds, picking berries, braiding garlic, making pickles and caring for farm animals, all while learning about the farm-to-table movement! Located at Forget Me Not Farm at the Sonoma Humane Society.

Career Camp
Come and learn directly from experts working in the field of animal care what it takes to help animals in your community. Learn first-hand what a typical day in our public veterinary and shelter medicine hospitals looks like. Go behind the scenes and observe our spay/neuter surgery clinics. Become familiar with animal welfare organizations throughout Sonoma County and around the globe. Determine what makes them effective and how you can create positive change. Participate in a week-long dog training clinic with the shelter dogs.  Learn about animal welfare rescue management and what it takes to have a career in the animal welfare field. Teens will meet industry leaders and professionals in their work environments and learn what is required to work in this field.


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