I’m Looking for a Loving Home for my Bulldog Emma

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Hi Everyone,

This is Emma and I’m looking to find her a loving home. She’s an olde english bulldog and she is three years old. She weighs about 55 lbs, she doesn’t have any health issues and she’s the perfect dog. You may wonder why I’m re-homing her and the reason is because I just moved to my mothers house (The landlord doesn’t allow dog in the property) and I’m waiting to hear from a transfer program for Architecture. I’m going to community college and working a lot and I don’t have a lot of time to spend with Emma. It’s not fair for her and once I transfer I probably will have less time to take care of her.

She’s stubborn but a big sweetheart, she is house trained and loves walks and loves to sleep. She’s good with children, but since she’s stocky I prefer to say 8 year olds and older. She’s afraid of cats, she’s used being the only dog, she is paid.  If anyone is interested please reach out to me and I can tell you more about her. I also had someone evaluate her behavior and I can provide that information if you’ll like more details on her behavior.

Thank you!

Contact information:             Email: maria-batres@hotmail.com     Mobile: (415) 606-8766

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