Community Support

Community support is the key ingredient that fills tummies, provides warm beds and gives life-saving medial and behavioral rehabilitation to animals in need! As a donor supported safe haven for animals,  the Sonoma Humane Society is grateful for the depth of support which comes from our community of donors and partners. Every donation is crucial to an animal's well being and in sustaining our programs and services.

The Sonoma Humane Society is a locally founded and locally funded nonprofit organization. Here, every dollar is put to work helping animals in our community. We receive no government funding and no financial aid from any other humane society or shelter. It is our donors who breathe life into our life saving programs.

 Join us and the many generous donors listed here. With your support, every animal has hope for a brighter future!


Founder's Society 

The contributions of our Founder's Society Members have made a significant impact on our ability to provide animal care services over the past year. Their donations provide much needed resources for emergency medical procedures,  medical supplies, behavioral rehabilitation and adoption services - all of which we could not sustain without their support. We are deeply grateful for their generous financial support.

(The donors listed here have given donations of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. To make a Founder's Society gift today, contact Rebecca Baker at 707-577-1903.)

2016 Founder's Society

Leadership Circle

Big John’s Market

Rosalie A. Bulach

Community Foundation Sonoma County

Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb

Nancy Hair

Scott Hintz

Lisa D. LaPorte

Mary H. T. Love

Terri and Gordon Martin

Evelyn Mitchell and Tom O’Hair

William H. Phelps

Marianne and Mike Powers
In Memory of Joan Raymond

John and Susan Prouty

Salatko Animal Welfare Fund

Kate Schaffner

In Memory of Ruth Silverman

St. Francis Winery

In Memory of Kathy Stenger

Helen Straessle

Betty Ann Sutton
Mr. Ryder & Co.

Barbara Wolfe


Heritage Circle

Andrea Lea Noble Bandy
In Memory of Jerry Bandy

Scott Bartley

Darla and Richard Bastoni

Philip E. & Nancy B. Beekman Foundation

BoDean Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County

Michele and Roger Burch

Carol and Andrew Carciere
In Honor of Cleo

Gayda Chi

Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo

Ben Cushman and George Tuttle

Susan B. Dixon

Charles Ferris and Lynne Kasuba

Vikash Govind

Stephen and Mary Graves

The Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation
In Honor of Robert and Shirley Harris

Chuck and Donna Hussey

In Memory of Paul T. Pera

Bruce P. Johnson

Kim and John Lloyd

Grace Lucero and Bonnie Kline

Morgen Matthaeus

Donna Medeiros

Montecito Heights Health Club and Spa/The Studios

Moss Adams LLP

The Ohlone Humane Society Inc.

Sandra Peace

PETCO Foundation

Petfinder Foundation

In Memory of Eileen Reynolds

Karen J. Rose
In Memory of Terry Hagerman

Andrew Skikos
In Memory of Kathrin Skikos

Shannon Tracey

Jan Vannatta

Jane and Nelson Weller
In Honor of Gypsy and Bella Weller

Gordon Zlot
In Memory of Molly


Medallion Circle

Jeffrey and Heidi Abramson

Stephen and Denise Adams

Kati A. Aho

Lorraine Bazan and Chris Stover

Annemarie R. Beyerlein

Darlene F. Brazil

Linda J. Brewer

Kelly and Dave Carroll

Brent Cassell

Patricia Chinappi

Andrew and Jenny Christensen

Daisy and Kerry Damskey

Melinda and Greg Dexter

Catherine and Scott Doty

Mike Draxton

Virginia Fifield

Simon Fowles

Anthony George

Thornton S. Glide and Katrina D. Glide Foundation

Laurel and Dan Grow

Hansel Auto Group

The Hilltop Foundation

Keri Howard

Sarah Keegan

Chris and Bob Kittredge

Jo-Ann L. Knight

Lana M. Koloboff

Wayne and Ellen Krebs

Charles A. Lahm

Candace Longmire

Barbara and Nick Makris

Marcia McFarland Endowment for Animal Welfare

Elizabeth Meteyer

Michelle and Robert Neumann

Terry L. Norona

Parkpoint Health Clubs

Mark Penn

Pet Food Express

Robert Quail and Julie Barrow

Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

Cindy and Jerry Roach

Patrick and Susan Ryan

Pete Schneider

Shirley Ann Spencer Fund for the HSSC

Dr. Nancy Smith

Soares Family
In Memory of Linda Meteyer, Inc.

Stephen and Karen Strain

Carmen and Roger Stuhlmuller

Lese and Christopher Sykes

Natalee Tappin

VCA Animal Care Center

Teresa Williams

Sustaining Circle

Owen Jones

Serge Abramovich

Ronald and E. Darlene Adams

Artisan and Healdsburg Sotheby’s International Realty

Ilene and Eric Auer

Kamran Azmoudeh

Betty and Steve Babas

James and Claudette Barnes

Kimberly Barnett

Robert T. Batterton

Kurt Bauer

Debbie Baxter

Paula and Eric Bennett
In Honor of Karen Hollister

Jennifer Bice

Sal and Treena Bonilla

Drew and Ellen Bradley

Elizabeth Briskin

Kerry and Cheryl Brown

Margaret Byrne and Tim DeSantis

Patricia Callahan

Diana and Liam Callahan
Bellwether Farms

Carole Bliese

Karyn and Luis Carrillo

Bill Cesano

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Linda L. Christensen

Victoria D. Cohen

Glenn Coxe

Diane and Gary Cuccio

DaVero Sonoma Inc.

Carl Davis

Jean Decker and Camille Hoffman

Victoria Denning

Kathy Dennison
In Memory of Terry Hagerman

Kathryn Dermant

Diane O’Neal

Johnny Drake and Troy Anker

Dry Creek Inn - Best Western

Norman and Peachie Dunlavy

Karen and George Dutton

Joan and John Egger

Carol Ellen and Robin Voet

Ellestad Family

Thomas English and Vicki Ono

Robert Epsen

F & M Steel, Inc.

Elizabeth Farrar and Craig Echols

Jacqueline and Steven Feinberg
In Honor of Vickie Feinberg

Liz Flynn

Matthew Frederick

Carol Frick

Pat and Cindy Gallaher

Phyllis Gallaway

Gerald D. Gelhaus

Paul and Sharon Gerber

Marilyn Gervasoni

Susan H. Goldstein

Cynthia J. Gonzales

Hamish Gray

Kevin Gross

Ian Grossman and Ellen Johnson

Odessa Gunn

Diane and Stan Hales

Steve Hanson

Grace and Tracy Harris
In honor of our loving companions past, present, & future.

Jeffrey Hayes
In Honor of Madi and Bailey

The Heck Foundation

Eleanor Hellman

Duane Herberg and Janet LaBarre
In Honor of Zoey

Richard Hinman and Cynthia Gillick

Ken Hite and Connie Cservenyak

Susan M. Hoeschler

Hotel Healdsburg

Pam and Paul Ingalls

  1. Michele Ingham

Ellie Insley

Trudy and Rod Jamieson

Deanna Jimosse

Diane N. Johnson

Ruth and Robert Karlsrud

Ronald B. Kawata

Francis and Arlene Keesling

Ariel Kelley

James V. Kelly

Randy Kenworthy

Virginia Kraft

Kenneth and Marlin Kushnir

Suzan and Tom Lane

Randall Laroche and David Laudon


In Memory of Lola

Jeannie Long

Adair Look

Loralee Loomis

Louise Madden

Maddie’s Fund

Susan S. Malin

Gregory and Lucinda Martin

Bettina Martin

Joyce McConnell Mason

In Memory of Loretta May

S.C. McCown

Christine McGettigan
In Honor of Autumn

Jacqueline McGhee

Michael McLaughlin

Jeffrey A. McPherson

William Meisner

Gary Mich

Dr. Monica Minguillon

Richard Mintz

Samir Moalla

Marilyn and Manuel Mollinedo

Arch Monson

Mike and Kathy Moorehead

Su E. Morrison

Muriel E. Smith

Roger Murphy

Cindy Myers

Gloria Naisbitt
In Honor of Terri Rasmussen

Kathie Neese

Bill Nelson

David Nelson and Laura Seccombe

Joel Newell

Donna Nicoll-Walker

Nikon Precision Inc.
In honor of Cecilia Vidal

Gregg Nordquist

Paul Northover
In Honor of Mitchell Sugarman

Robert and Dana Norton

Howard and Pam Nurse

In Memory of Nya

Marty and Cheri Olhiser

Jon H. Olson

Pacific Union Real Estate

Azin Parhizgar and Daniel Derdula

Bill Pedersen

Paul Pendergast and Robert Zelenka

Charles H. Perkins

James and Robin Piane

Sunny Powel

Trish M. Power

Lawrence Prager and Linda Myszak

Lynne and Cathie Priest

Peter and Virginia Ramsey

Trudy Rangaves

Diana Rangaves

Michael and Sue Rataj

Tracey Raymond

Redwood Investments

Gale L. Reeder

Bill and Mary-Louise Reinking

Merle Reuser

Gertrude W. Reynaud

Jason Reynolds
In Honor of Diablo T. Cat

Truman Reynolds and Pateriza McCarthy

Lars B. Richardson

RKD Alpha Dog

Eleanor Rogers

P.K. Roth

Diana Rousseau

Dr. Mary Kay Rudolph

Marlene Russell

Elizabeth Salamone and Tony Pisacane

Ron Sasina and Ken Burghardt

Hilma Schaffer

Erick Schleth

Judy and Craig Schulz

Bruce and Carmen Selfridge

Pietrina Severns-Cargile

Tom Shanks

Kurt and Debbie Shaver

Lisa and Todd Sheppard

Kim and Wayne Simoni

Georgia M. Simons

Brett Siweck
In Honor of Goldie

Tom and Deb Skinner

Janess and Jerry Slaby

Alison and Douglas Smith
In Memory of Junior

Kevin Smith

Daphne W. Smith

In Memory of Mari C. Snyder

Katheryn Sofranoff

Sole Desire

Ruth Souroujon

Lisa Stahr and Brian Sublett

Marjorie and Eugene Stambaugh

Martin and Marlene Stein

Barbara N. Stevens

Monica Stevens

Mitchell Sugarman and Sachi Tonai

Summit State Bank

Tony and Betty Tarantino

Jean B. Taylor
In Honor of Carol Carciere

Mark and Denise Thomas
In Memory of Delores Turner

Pat Thorton

Gregory Todd

Sandra Torgerson

Michael L. Tran

Sandra Tredick

Karen Trione

VC Cellars

Dr. Katherine Vickery
In Honor of Rocky

Margaret Chapman and Doug Wagner

Mark and Sandy Walheim

Ellen Warms

David Watts

Judy Widger

Joyce and Robert Wieck

Barbara L. Winkler

Kathy Yerger and Brad Hahn

Carola and Arthur Young

Warren and Sandra Yuers

Sandra A. Zanotto

Barbara and Eric Zimmerman

Our Humane Partners

Sustaining services for animals requires dependable donation support; financial contributions we can rely on day-after-day, week-after-week and month-after-month. Our Humane Partners give monthly contributions to the Sonoma Humane Society and provide donations we can count on every day! Knowing that their financial support is available helps us be responsive when an animal needs our help.

We are very grateful for the monthly contributions of the following donors. Their continued donations give us dependable income to support our animal care programs.

(The donors listed here are enrolled in our monthly giving program, Humane Partners. To enroll as a monthly provider for the Sonoma Humane Society, contact Rebecca Baker at 707-577-1903.)

Our Humane Partners

Emil and Constance Alberigi
Rosemarie Alden-Ridley
F. Lee and Sherry Alderman
Alysia Anderson
Chris Anderson and Alain Beyrouti
Patricia Angel
Lisa Annecone
William and Karen Babula
Ryan Bailey
Marie Baldetti
Norman and Gina Barnhart
Diane K. Barto
Colleen Beardsley
Ronni Berg
Doni Bird
Judith Boese
Sal and Treena Bonilla
Wendy Born
Lori Borrill
Karen and James Bowron
Robert and Claire Boyd
Mary L. Bucher
Vicki and Jean-Marie Cercley
Jill Champion
Barbara Cisneros
Nancy Clark
Susan P. Clark
Edward and Teri Clinton
Terry Considine
Nancy J. Cook
Wendie and Frank Cooper
Laurie and Samuel Cox
Bill Cresta
Debra Crow and Marshall Taxer
Patricia Daeley
Marilyn D. Davis
Ken Dawson
Mary J. Dawson
Kimiko deCristoforo
Ruth Dellabruna
Kathleen Dennison
Melinda and Greg Dexter
Laurence and Jo-Ann Dito
Susan B. Dixon
Marie Eddy
Robert Epsen
Denise and Ron Farley
Henry and Amy Fearnley
Linda and John Finch
Nancy L. Flack
Arlyss Friddle
Susan Friedman
Joann M. Fuller
Susan Gadbois
Cynthia George
Audrey J. Gerard
Molly Goodenbour
Margaret Gray
Paul Gussenhoven
Terry Hagerman and Kathy Dennison
Mickey Hale
Patricia Hand
Michael Hert
Teresa Hilgart
Bill and Kristen Hints
Cynthia Hoang
Barbara Hollifield
Linda Illsley
Celeste and Darrel James
Sue Jenkins
Karen Juhnke
Ruth and Robert Karlsrud
Bruce Kassell and Cheryl Kitchell
Diane Kellogg
Sharon Kimball
Rhonda Kirby
Rick Kitamata
Barbara Klein
Patti Kolodge
Wayne and Ellen Krebs
Jennifer Lawrence
Lae and John Levering
James P. Lewis
Frances A. Logue
Christel Longo
Pat and Gary Lynch
Wendy Machin
Constance J. Mamer
Sylvia Marie
Jane Mathewson
Jacqueline McGhee
Darlene McGinnis
Susan and Geoffrey McGuire
Kathy McHenry
Christina and Chris Millard
Betty Millman
Willow Miranda
Evelyn Mitchell and Tom O'Hair
Indiana Moreno
Clark W. Morris
Sandy and Dion Muhlhauser
Jacqueline Muzio
Kristi Myers
Melinda Napier
Linda Nichols
Terry Norona and Paul Smick
Lance J. Parker
Bonnie Peloquin
Dorothy Pitts
Bertha Powell
Robin Raike
Reyna Ramirez
Kathryn Rasmussen
Mary Reder
Hialeah Reilich
Cindy and Jerry Roach
Nancy Roberts
Drusilla Robinson
Eleanor Rogers
Michele and Robert Rose
Cate Rumsey
Colette Ryan
Mel and Susan Sandholm
Christy and Mark Schakel
Suzanne E. Scott
Rosemarie Shafer
Tom Shanks
Gary Shirley
Brad Silvestro
Michael Snider
Nancy Speir
Candace Spring
Denise and Robert Stahl
Jaroslava Stepanek
Marcie and Cliff Stock
Tracy Strelow
Jaycel Tacchi
Patricia Tedeschi
James and Denise Thomas
Philip and Mildred Thomas
Winifred Tierney
Michael and Jody Tosti
Laura Townsend
Jo Ann Triebel
Donna Turrentine
Janet Vail
Connie Van Schaick
Holly Vettori
Randy and Kathy Vincent
Nancy L. Vlastos
Theresa Wade
Royal J. Wald
Nancy Warren
Gina and Keith Waterman
Danny Whitehead
David and Lisa Whitney
Barbara Williams
Niamh and Travis Winslow
Kenneth Wolff and Mark Gwin
J. Alexis Woody and Tim Foote
Melitta Wright
Larry Wyner
Carola and Arthur Young
Anidia Zabala
Kornelia and Timothy Zapalski
Barbara and Eric Zimmerman
Laura Zink

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