Hansel- 9 month German/Australian Shepard mix– Great with kids and dogs–Very smart–

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Hansel is an adorable Australian Shepard/German Shepard puppy looking for a new home. He is 9 months old and up to date on all his shots, he is fixed and fully crate trained. Hansel is very loving towards anyone and loves to give kisses. He does great with kids as well as dogs. Hansel prefers to be around you even if he is just sleeping. He would do well as an indoor/outdoor dog. As of now, more on the indoor side.

Hansel will need to have a medium/large backyard as he is a medium dog with some energy. Hansel does not have too much energy and is usually very calm. With that said, he still does have puppy energy that needs a minimum of 2 long walks/bike rides a day. He loves to be chased when he has a toy (his favorites are sticks) but Hansel does not yet completely understand fetch. Hansel can be left home for a few hours by himself either outside or in his crate. Hansel needs someone who will be able to spend a lot of time with him either training or even just hanging out.

Hansel is very smart and very food motivated. (He loves cheese and apples) While he has the basics down such as sit, down/lay, come, stay, stop (used for bike rides) and up, he can get distracted.

Hansel loves to play with dogs. He is very calm and often lays down when meeting any dog, and he knows to be gentle with smaller dogs. Because of his size people tend to think he’s scary but he just wants any dog to play and any person to pet him.

If interested please e-mail: sivi_emnm@sbcglobal.net

Were located in Windsor, CA

$200 adoption fee. We will give you his crate and any other things we have for him.

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