Gentle, Gorgeous, Sometimes Shy Golden Retriever needs her Forever Family

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Shiloh is a gorgeous Golden Retriever mix and a big girl. She may be part German Shepard and part of that mix might be cat. She bathes herself! She is vaccinated, spayed , microchipped and registered with Sonoma County. She also has pet insurance, which I am able to transfer to her new owner if interested. She is housebroken, crate-trained and knows basic commands (sit, stay, etc). She is a gentle, sweet dog who loves her person. She is a loyal companion and wants to be with you. She loves love.


I adopted Shiloh after searching for more than a year for a Golden rescue. Her original owner got cancer and Shiloh took the separation very very hard. The first few days were awful. She cowered in a corner and barely ate. I’m happy to report that this lovely dog eats Blue Buffalo (they raised her on pedigree and she was overweight) and is healthy and happy as can be. She is loyal, protective but not aggressive, loves other dogs and is friendly with cats. I have two and one terrifies her and one is her best friend. She grew up with four other pups and would love it if you already have a dog or are considering two.


She’s very sensitive and is still working on confidence. Her owner apart from being sick, was also a bit of a recluse and Shiloh only left her home one time, and that was to go to the vet. The world is still new for her and she can be shy and timid. She loves and appreciates her leash and will until she understands what is threatening and what is not. While she is extremely gentle and mid-mannered, she does sometimes bark at people out of fear, not aggression. If she’s on her leash or in the car (LOVES the car!), she’s fine. Otherwise, she often tries to run and hide. This ends quickly as soon as she’s reassured and it’s getting better every day.


She will need someone with the patience to help her become 100% socialized. She’s 85% there and I’ll continue to work with her until she finds her perfect home. I love this dog.


On the second day after bringing her home, I injured my back and I sadly have to admit that I can’t give her the exercise she needs and deserves at this point in her life.


Please send an email to if you would like to be considered and receive an application.

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  1. Hi,
    I sent you a email earlier. I would love to learn more about Shiloh! We are looking for a second dog, and she seems like she’d be a good fit for our family.

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