Fluffy black Sheba needs a new home

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My sweet black kitty, Sheba, needs a new home. She’s a gigantic fluffball, and loves her love. She’s about 10 years old, I’ve had her for the last 6 years. While I do love her, she is a fairly anxious cat, and I am moving overseas and she would have to be living with my dog (who she does not like), as well as another dog and another cat. She would definitely prefer to an only pet, or at least only have another cat to deal with, and that coupled with the stress the flight would put her on has convinced me it would be better to rehome her.

She has lived with my puppy for over a year, and has lived with 2 other cats while I have had her, and had no particular issues. She dislikes the interest my puppy pays her, but could get along with a dog disinterested in cats. Definitely not a cat that would like small children. She is still playful like a kitten on occasion (but much less so recently as if she runs around, the dog gets interested), and loves to chat about the day and wants attention. She has been indoor/outdoor with me, and not used a litterbox most of her life (except when I’m away), but she is litterbox trained. Her outdoors time is usually spent nearby anyway, she doesn’t range very far. Her long hair means she needs regular brushing and knot-maintenance during shedding season, and that she’s actually far smaller than she looks (less than 10 lbs). She will purr her face off when brushed or pet.

No particular health problems in her history, she had a dental exam in January and had to have a canine pulled, so she’s a little snaggletoothed, but is current on all vaccines and spayed. She comes with some wand toys, a long term feeder, a water fountain, and up to two large cat trees if interested, as well as a litterbox. Small rehoming fee applies.

If you’re interested in meeting Sheba, please contact me at ryanpwilliamson@gmail.com.

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