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In Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Sonoma, Marin or Napa areas.

If you know of a vegan looking for a healthy small vegan dog as a lifelong companion (she has been a healthy vegan for a year now!), please share. Thank you for any help you can give.

I rescued Emma last year from an Oakland shelter, with the goal to find her a wonderful vegan parent after nursing her back to physical and mental health. The shelter did not have a foster program and said I must adopt in order to help save her life and find her a home. I cannot keep her permanently as she is not a good match for my 2 senior dogs. I feel she would be happier in an only dog home.

Emma was already at the shelter for a month, recently in heat and spayed, malnourished, and 4 lbs. underweight. I was afraid she would die soon from poor health or be euthanized. She is about 5 years old, and now in excellent health with a beautiful coat and ideal weight at 15.5 lbs.

Please call me for further details. Serious inquiries only please.

Adoption Fee: $150

To help pay for professional veterinary dental cleaning, blood panel, current rabies vaccine all done in 6/17 at Rohnert Park VCA. Her teeth are in superb condition.

No kids under 16, no other dogs or cats. Experienced dog caregiver who will spend time with Emma (works from home, works part-time, or retired). Must be willing to give veterinary care when needed. She must live indoors 100% of the time (not in garage) as your companion animal. No homes with wall-to-wall carpet. She eliminates outdoors and would probably be easy to teach to use a dog door or go on a pee-pad indoors.



I’m looking for a vegan home for her as an only dog with someone at home a lot.

Emma is very friendly with strangers, sweet, happy, loving, quiet, intelligent, and minds most of the time. Moderate energy, loves human company, and her walks. I walk her every day for about an hour and it is the highlight of her day. Excellent car traveler in her crate to go for walks. I take her in the car very often for a walks to various parks.

Emma is food aggressive so she must be in a one-dog household for the safety of everyone. My senior chihuahua has cancer. When I rescued her last year she already had cancer and is recovering now from major surgery. She will not back down when Emma is food aggressive and it has resulted in a fight. The dogs are fed in separate rooms, and while I am away, I must absolutely make sure there are no food crumbs on the floor or anywhere in the house, or I must confine one of them in a separate room. All my dogs deserve a stress-free home. This is not a good situation as my dogs love to roam around the entire house. She likes to sleep in any of my dog beds or on the sofa, and loves to give kisses and be with you when you are on the sofa. I also believe she would really love to have more attention as an only dog in your home.



Great health, ideal weight, athletic.

Emma needs a daily walk for around 45 min. She is a slow/moderate walker. Emma has a luxating patella on her left hind leg, common and genetic in small breed dogs, where every now and then she hops on 3 legs because that kneecap pops out then back in, allowing her to put her leg down and walk again on all fours. She is in no pain per my veterinarian and I give her vegan glucosamine every day in her food which helps.

I spent $450 last year for a dermatology vet specialist to cure a fungus infection on her paw that prevented her from putting her foot down, soon after I rescued her. She has had no recurring infections. I rinse her legs and paws off with water after our walks and she likes it.

I kindly require that she continue her accident coverage pet insurance with Pet’s Best at $10/month. It pays 90% for accidents like foreign body ingestion, foxtail removal, and any injuries from accidents. They have paid claims for my other dog and are easy to deal with so far.



I also kindly ask that her new caregiver(s) continue her on V-dog kibble (order online at v-dog.com, vegan dog food) and/or a home-cooked vegan diet that she has thrived on for almost a year, that quickly brought her back to health. This is a high-quality diet and inexpensive. My home-cooked diet (e.g. 1 part boiled frozen green peas, split peas, lentils, or rolled oats, and 1 part raw veggies) is extremely easy and the President of the HSUS has tried it for his dog! She is not a picky eater and loves her food. I feed her 3x/day: breakfast and dinner, with fresh fruit (apple, banana, blueberries), and seaweed for lunch. She loves fruit. She should never be overweight for obvious reasons, and particularly because weight gain will make it painful for her to walk on 3 legs when her kneecap (luxating patella) acts up.

She knows “go potty”, “wait”, “sit”, “this way”, and “go to bed”. Almost always comes when called only once. Very responsive to food treats for good behavior. She catches her kibble, apple pieces, and raw vegetables when I toss them in the air! Emma is a very sensitive and loving dog who has a lot of love to offer the right person.

Contact: Gina Sequeira

(707) 246-3067, ginaart26@gmail.com

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