A bundle of playful curiousity

Posted by on May 10, 2017 | 3 comments

Digit is a 9yo neutered male tuxedo

Spider hunter and toe pouncer extraordinaire, you would think Digit is still a kitten. He loves to make friends with other cats, friendly dogs and any other critter or human who might be his playmate. He is happy curling in your lap during morning coffee or chasing a spring toy when you toss it. Personable and occasionally talkative, Digit is the kind of cat that people wish their cats would be.

If you would like to meet Digit or have any questions please contact me: DigitAndJoni@gmail.com


  1. Has he shown any tendency to go after mice or rats? Our two cats are older (16 years) and no longer go after anything. We are specifically looking for a cat who,will do so– he sounds like it if he pounces, etc.

    • He will catch critters but it’s more playing than hunting. On occasion when he finds a rogue possum or mouse in the garage he brings them right to me and I toss them outside.

  2. We might be interested in adopting Digit. We have a 10 yr old cat. Quiet home, 2 cat lovers. Please respond to our email address.

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