Big cuddle bug

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This is my big boy Paul. He is a year and a half male tabby. Paul is very sweet, very loving and very loyal. He is really very shy but once he feels comfortable, he is a very loyal companion. Paul really is a very loving guy and despite his size, he is very gentle and loves to cuddle.

Paul has always been an indoor cat. He had once lived happily with 2 other dogs and 2 other cats. While it takes him some time to come out of his shell, he is very playful. He doesn’t jump up on counters or tables but has no problem jumping up on the bed or couch for a good cuddle session.

I have been very attached to Paul since he was a kitten which makes giving him up a difficult decision. Since I have had my baby, Paul tends to become stressed and has had accidents around the house which he never used to do. Its become painfully obvious that Paul would be better placed in a full home where he can lots of love and attention.

Please feel free to contact me to meet Paul!  Contact:


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