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 . Charlie .
 . Charlie .  . Charlie .  . Charlie .
  • German Shepherd Dog
"This is just the nicest German Shepherd!" That report came in about Charlie. We had to go the partner shelter to see for ourselves. Yep....when we met him, we had the same response. Despite having a wonky leg, he remained engaging and goofy. Underneath his beautiful coat is an adolescent dog who needs all young dogs need; teaching, patience and humor. Charlie adores people. He lived with a family in foster and he just wanted to follow them from room to room. Kids were good for him. He willingly will say hello to just about anyone. He has been fine with other dogs during his stay, but admittedly we have not let him play a lot because of injured leg...which now that he has had surgery, he is on the mend. Give Charlie a meet and greet. Primary Color: Black Secondary Color: Brown Weight: 78 Age: 1yrs 7mths 0wks
Young, Male, Large
 . Nikko .
 . Nikko .  . Nikko .  . Nikko .  . Nikko .
  • Border Collie
Nikko is a handsome Border Collie who is looking for that special someone who gets what it means to honor a collie. What we mean by that is someone who understands the BC sensitive nature, need for exercise and engagement (like any dog really) and time well spent. Nikko could afford to lose a few pounds, so short hikes at first to build his endurance would be kind. Since he came to us, Nikko has learned to accept new people in his life. He loves a really good massage and a lap for resting his head. He appears to have not been taught how to play, but that means he can be taught. He likely should be an only dog in a household as he appears to not have a lot of confidence with them. He has learned to turn away and ignore dogs while on walks with our volunteers, but he not one to want to engage in play with another canine. For Nikko, we think it's all about having a special family or someone just for him. Primary Color: Black Secondary Color: White Weight: 78 Age: 4yrs 1mths 0wks
Adult, Male, Large
 . Barley .
 . Barley .  . Barley .  . Barley .
  • Shepherd
  • Spayed/Neutered
Looking for your very own gentle giant? Barley would love to come home to a quiet house with a predictable routine. He is a gentleman on a leash which makes walking him a delight. Easy going, Barley would like to hang out with his person and keep the rug warm! He has some vision issues, so make sure to check with our medical staff regarding his needs. The fellow does think that all really good food is "his" alone, so make sure to talk to our behavior and training staff on the best way to manage this behavior. He would be best as an only dog. Children 16 and older would be best for Barley. Barley is the master of a sweet soulful expression. Primary Color: Rust Secondary Color: Black Weight: 100.8 Age: 4yrs 6mths 0wks Animal has been Neutered
Adult, Male, Large
 . Comic .
 . Comic .  . Comic .  . Comic .
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Spayed/Neutered
Hold on to your britches because this bundle of pooch is looking for a willing partner in action! That describes Comic, an adolescent bundle of energy who is everything one would expect in a healthy, strong teenager. He's a little unaware of how his body works, he's still learning the fine art of saying hello with gentleness and leashes? Meh. Yeah he's got some work to do. But wow what a fun-loving dog. He adores other dogs who love rough and tumble play. He's next door buddy Brady is his BEST friend. (Hint if you want two fabulous dogs they are wonderful together.) Comic would be a good family dog where the children are perhaps a little sturdy. We did say Comic is a joyful action fellow. Primary Color: Brindle Secondary Color: White Weight: 45 Age: 0yrs 11mths 3wks Animal has been Neutered
Young, Male, Medium
 . Alma .
 . Alma .  . Alma .  . Alma .
  • Chihuahua
  • Spayed/Neutered
Alma is an old soul in a young dog's body. That's the best way to describe this lady who is looking for a patient adopter. Alma has been in a foster home with another dog. Her foster says she has settled quite nicely. Alma appreciates the finer things in life like walks around the neighborhood and a little couch cuddle time. Alma is a bit of a worrier which only means she appreciates some "get to know you." She's great on walks--not much of a puller and really likes to be with her person. Children could be a part of Alma's life if they can appreciate her sensitive nature. Primary Color: Brown Brindle Weight: 13.6 Age: 4yrs 7mths 0wks Animal has been Spayed
Adult, Female, Small
 . Brady .
 . Brady .  . Brady .  . Brady .
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Spayed/Neutered
This lovely dog is everything one could want in a strong, sweet adult dog. Brady is our ambassador for other dogs on how to play with grace, dignity and all out rock and roll. Brady has been good with all the people he has met while at SHS. We do know his previous owner played and played with him, so bring on the toys! We don't think Brady has been on leash walks much but our volunteers say he's really getting MUCH better. Brady could easily be a family dog as long as the family promises to get him his fun time. Brady's adoption fee has been sponsored! Primary Color: Black Secondary Color: White Weight: 73.6 Age: 2yrs 0mths 3wks Animal has been Neutered
Adult, Male, Large
 . Donnie .
 . Donnie .  . Donnie .  . Donnie .
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Special Needs
Of the many wonders of this world, you'll find I rank high up on the list. Have you ever seen a dog with tiger stripes? How about a 6 y/o American Pit mix who is losing his sight, yet embraces life with a sense of fun and curiosity? You think that's something, wait 'til you see the impressive "sit-shake-down" move I've been working on! I'm also working on finding an equally impressive adopter - one whose heart is waiting to be filled with more love than they ever thought possible. I might be able to share you with kids and other dogs, but no cats please. Come meet me and get ready for some Wow. Just. Wow. Donnie's adoption fee has been sponsored! Primary Color: Brown Brindle Weight: 66.6 Age: 6yrs 5mths 1wks Animal has been Neutered
Adult, Male, Large
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