The ‘sniff test’ works for our 4-legged companions. Our process for choosing an animal friend isn't much more complicated.

 Step 1:  Complete one of our Matchmaker forms. Dog, Cat , Rabbit & Other small animals

Step 2:   Come in and let our Adoption Matchmakers help you find the perfect animal companion.

Want more LOVE?  Come visit our Adoption Center and meet your match!

Adoptions Requirements

We invite you to fall in love with one of our animals! As you consider a pet adoption, please be aware of the following:

~Adopters must be at least 18 years old and present valid photo ID.

~Some adoptions require attendance of a training class.

~We encourage or may require all household members to meet the new pet prior to adoption.

~If you have a dog and want to adopt another, we ask that you leave your resident dog at home for the initial greeting. Once you've decided that you've met your match we will schedule an introduction between the dogs.

~ Animals and people are all unique. We will make every effort help you find the companion animal who
is most appropriate for your lifestyle. If we cannot find the right match, we reserve the right not to
complete an adoption.






Senior Dogs (over 7)


Senior Cats (over 7)$ 85
Puppy Package (+ Puppy Class)


Kitten Package (under 4 mo.)$155


$ 40


$ 15


What's Included?

Spay/Neuter Surgery (Cats, Dogs, Rabbits)$ 33 - $225
Health Exam$ 28 - $ 46
Vaccinations (FVRCP/Cats; DHLPP/Dogs)$ 25 - $ 50
Heartworm Testing (Dogs Only)$ 25 - $ 40
Canine Bordatella Vaccine$ 10 - $ 22
Feline Leukemia Test$ 20 - $ 35
Canine De-worming (Hookworms & Roundworms)$ 20 - $ 65
Micro-Chip$ 20 - $ 50
Carrier (Cats Only)$ 10 - $ 15
Basic Training and Socialization$ 60 - $200
Adoption Counseling$ 30 - $ 50
Adoption Packets and Adoption Counseling$ 15 - $30


Special discounts & offerings

  • 20% discount for senior citizens over age 65 adopting a pet.
  • Take 10% off dog or puppy training classes (when you register on the day of your adoption).
  • Receive 15% off purchases at our pet supply store - Paws to Shop (on the day of your adoption).

Tail Waggin'  mobile adoptions coming to a location near you!

Our outreach and adoption events blaze homing trails for cats, dogs and bunnies alike. We take great care in transporting, comforting and matching homeless animals with new, forever homes.

Check our event calendar under the category "Mobile Adoptions" to see where you might meet your match!


Do you or someone you know live or work at a ranch, vineyard, farm, warehouse or barn / workshop?

Country cats represent a portion of the feline population that thrive on free-range living rather than bunking down for the night in a typical home.  Like any other domesticated animal, they still need warm shelter, food and water.

Our country cats program ensures that these free-spirited felines receive a safe, warm living environment. Their health exams, vaccinations, microchips and spay/neuters are all done. In return, you’ll have a forever pal (or two) who’ll play sensible sentry with you 24/7.

Interested?  Call Liz at 707.542.0882 x204 or email


Have a Warm Lap to Spare?

When it comes right down to it, isn’t love really the only power that can rock someone’s life?  Of course, living in earthquake country can do the same thing.  But we’re talking about what it means to share your life with a four-legged friend in their golden years.  No matter how you describe it—companionship cultivates happiness.  If your low-key lifestyle has room to embrace the company of an older pet—or if you’re entering your golden years too—then our fospice program might be just the right fit. Learn more by clicking Explore Fospice here!



Click below to scroll through our animals in need of fospice.

Sue Jenkins; hero at large

Sue Jenkins; hero at large

What is it like to be a Fospice caregiver?

First of all I think of Fospice care as a natural evolution of the concept of fostering animals who are starting life’s journey.Fospice animals are nearing the end of that journey and deserve the same compassion and love as tiny foster animals. Read more>>>

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Nutmeg (12 year-old)

Nutmeg (12 year-old)


Nutmeg is the classic Tortie, with her lovely markings and long hair...but what really makes her special is the absolute devotion she is prepared to give to her peeps. She's been saving up a lot of affection for them; not everyone she meets is considered worthy of her love but those that are, are in for a real treat. She loves petting but takes a bit of time before she comfortable on your lap. She came to us as a stray and has adapted to her roomies; but what she really wants is HER OWN HOME where she can be the star...other cats, not so much.

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