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The Sonoma Humane Society and Petaluma Animal Services have partnered to operate a day-use animal care facility in Healdsburg. As a resource for the community, the Healdsburg Center offers the following services:

  •        Cat and dog adoptions
  •        Acceptance of stray animals
  •        Redemption of lost animals
  •        Pet relinquishment (by appointment only)

Sonoma Humane Society's mission is to ensure that every animal receives protection, compassion, love and care. We are excited to be a part of the animal care community of Healdsburg.

Come out to visit soon!

Location: 14242 Bacchus Landing Way, Healdsburg 95448

Phone: (707) 280-9632

Hours: 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Saturday

January 8th, 2016:

Things are progressing quickly at the Healdsburg Center. The heat and lights make the Center feel more like home. The living spaces for the animals are newly tiled and pass-through doors for the dogs have been added between rooms to give them more space. Next week the concrete around the exterior entrances of the building will be poured. Join us for a tour of the Healdsburg Center to see the progress and learn about how we will utilize the space for the animals.

IMG_1954 IMG_1956

December 14th, 2015:

In the press: Sonoma Humane Society aims to open new Healdsburg animal shelter by spring

December 9th, 2015:

Now that construction is well under way, we are excited to invite you to join us for a comprehensive walk-through and have your questions about the future of your shelter answered. Sign up now for a date in January!

November 13th, 2015:

Progress over the last 2 weeks has been swift. We've seen the t-bar/lighting completed and a warm glow now brings the promise of life to the building. Among many items finished, the bathroom was updated to meet current ADA code regulations. One of the most exciting things was the demolition of the berms on the concrete slab intended to be traditional chain link kennels to house dogs. Instead, Healdsburg dogs will be housed in habitats much like those in our Santa Rosa facility, and this large room will serve as a training and group play room. Next on the list: the fire alarm, sprinkler, and HVAC systems. With every step, we make sure that the shelter is constructed with the Healdsburg community and animals in mind.



November 6th, 2015:

Since taking ownership of the building, Sonoma Humane Society's Board of Directors, staff and construction team have been developing a plan to bring life back into the unfinished animal shelter. Our challenge: to create a safe and healthy environment for our shelter animals, in a fiscally responsible way. Like many of our sick and injured animals, the road to rehabilitation for the Healdsburg Center will be approached with the animals' quality of life in mind.

Construction has officially begun. Our current offices in the trailers will remain open during construction, continuing to serve the Healdsburg community.

HB 11.6.15


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The Sonoma Humane Society (SHS), along with Petaluma Animal Services Foundation (PASF), is here
to help – to ensure the safety of Healdsburg’s animals. We provide services for stray and owner-
surrendered animals, and offer an adoption program for animals seeking new homes. With the
help of our volunteers and supporters, we’re here to give hope to every animal.


Our day-use adoption center is open 6 days a week from 9am – 5pm, Monday through Saturday. Each
morning, adoptable animals travel to the Healdsburg Center and are ready to meet with potential
adopters. At the end of each day, those who are not adopted are transported back to the Sonoma
Humane Society facility in Santa Rosa where their ongoing veterinary care and training will be
supported by our compassionate staff and volunteers.

All of our adoptable animals are listed here. We also have cats available for adoption at The Healdsburg Dog House.


Schedule of fees listed here.


Stray animals found in Healdsburg are brought to the Healdsburg Center daily. Those who are
not reclaimed by their owners are transported to the Sonoma Humane Society’s Santa
Rosa location for ongoing care. Click here to see stray animals or call
707-280-9632 (Healdsburg) or 707-542-0882 (Santa Rosa). Schedule of fees listed here.


First, please consider finding your dog or cat another home instead of surrendering him/her to
a shelter. It will be less stressful for your pet, allows you to play a part in uniting him/her with
a new family, and makes additional space available for animals whose lives are immediately at
risk. Please utilize our Re-homing Packet and our free "Adoptions by Owner" website listings.
Owner Surrender Dogs: We accept owner surrendered dogs by appointment as space allows.
To check availability and make an appointment for your dog’s evaluation please call 707-280-9632 (Healdsburg)
or 707-542-0882 (Santa Rosa).

Owner Surrender Cats: We accept owner surrendered cats by appointment and as space allows. Please call 707-542-0882 for appointments and availability.


Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) about the Sonoma Humane Society (SHS) and Petaluma Animal Services Foundation (PASF) partnership facility in Healdsburg and the services we provide.

Q. What is happening with the Healdsburg Animal Shelter building?
A. Construction has begun!
In December 2014, the Healdsburg Animal Shelter property at 14242 Bacchus Landing was transferred to the Sonoma Humane Society. Since taking ownership of the building SHS's Board of Directors, staff and construction team have been developing a  plan to bring life back into the unfinished animal shelter. Our challenge: to create a safe and healthy environment for our shelter animals, in a fiscally responsible way. Like many of our sick and injured animals, the road to rehabilitation for the Healdsburg Center will be approached with the animals' quality of life in mind.
As part of the process, our team reviewed the community’s concerns regarding the original shelter design and has worked to thoughtfully address the needs and ideas that were brought to our attention. Together, we aim to create a “state-of-the-heart” animal shelter.  One of the first priorities is to create separate intake and isolation areas to ensure that healthy animals remain healthy throughout their stay. Our behavior and training experts also felt a large room that was originally constructed to house dogs in traditional kennels, could better serve as a large training and group play room. Instead, Healdsburg dogs awaiting adoption will be sheltered in room-like settings similar to those in our Santa Rosa facility. Other plans include adding outdoor fencing, so dogs and cats have safe indoor/outdoor access. We look forward to engaging the community, hosting animal related events at the center.

Q. What is the cost to complete the building construction?
A. It will require an estimated investment of $500,00 for us to receive our certificate of occupancy and begin operating out of the facility. The Sonoma Humane Society received $145,000 of this from the Healdsburg Animal Shelter's board of directors in the transfer of assets. The Sonoma Humane Society has committed $350,000 from its reserves to make up most of the difference. This will get the building to a minimum operational state. The estimated total cost to complete the building and landscaping is $600,00-$700,000. Our wish list for the "state of the heart" building includes funding for landscaping, fencing and signage. We also need general funding as we purchase items for the animals: beds, bowls, cleaning supplies, medical equipment, etc.
Will you help us? www.sonomahumane.org/help/give/

Q. Are you going to ask the Healdsburg Community for funding? (Are you going to launch a capital campaign?)
A. The Sonoma Humane Society absolutely needs the financial support of the Healdsburg Community - just as the prior Healdsburg Animal Shelter did.  We do not plan to launch a formal capital campaign. We do plan to ask the community for support to make the building the "State of the Heart" shelter we all want, as well as the ongoing support we will need to run the facility. The reserves that we have committed to complete this project will need to be replenished to support our operations countywide. The future of animal care in Healdsburg depends upon steadfast local support.

Q. Will the Sonoma Humane Society need donation support to help care for Healdsburg animals?
A. Yes. SHS is privately funded and donor support is critical to fulfilling our mission of ensuring that every animal receives protection, compassion, love and care. SHS receives no support from national organizations like HSUS or the ASPCA, so we rely on our local donors to help us find forever homes for all of the animals in our care. Donor support benefits the local community by improving the lives of shelter animals and making healthy pets available for companionship, and improving the quality of life for pet owners within the community. Please consider becoming a supporting member, joining us at one of our fundraising events, or using our fundraising toolkit (found on our website) to host your own event to benefit the Healdsburg Center.
We also accept car donations and in-kind donations of goods and services. Learn more about our donation programs at Sonomahumane.org, or call Melissa Dobar at 707-542-0882, ext. 241.

Q. What is your relationship with Petaluma Animal Services Foundation?
A. The Sonoma Humane Society is under contract to provide animal care, adoption services, licensing, and field services for the City of Healdsburg. Sonoma Humane Society operates all animal care, sheltering and adoption services and has contracted with Petaluma Animal Services Foundation (PASF) to handle all licensing and field services work. PASF is paid by the Sonoma Humane Society.

Q. How many Healdsburg animals did you care for last year?
A. An average of 150 animals come to us annually through the Healdsburg Center. We expect this number to rise when the facility opens as more community members begin to recognize that our resource center is open and fully operational.


Q. How many animals can be housed at the Healdsburg Center?
A. On average there will be space for 5 dogs and 15 cats and 2 rabbits at the Healdsburg Center. However, because we know that animal housing needs expand and contract at different times of the year, much of the space at the center will be used with flexibility. For example, when our population of cats expands during kitten season, we will use more space for cat and kitten housing and less space for other small companion animals. The needs of animals will dictate  how we use our housing space.

In addition, just as we rely on foster volunteers at the Sonoma Humane Society campus, volunteer foster homes will greatly impact the capacity for care we have in Healdsburg.

Q. Who do I call to volunteer at the Healdsburg Center?
A. Volunteers seeking to turn their love of animals into action and serve their community are always welcome to join our family of caring and committed volunteers. Once the building is open we will have a greater need for volunteer support, especially in the animal care areas: dog walkers, cat care partners and animal care attendants.  If you’re interested in exploring available volunteer opportunities at the Healdsburg Center, please complete a volunteer application. You can view a listing of volunteer opportunities on our website or contact Nina Caputo at 707-542-0882, ext. 262 for more information. Volunteer orientations are currently held at the Sonoma Humane Society's Santa Rosa Center. Orientations at the Healdsburg Center are in our future plans.

Q. What services are currently available in Healdsburg?
A. In order to ensure a safe haven for animals throughout Sonoma County, SHS has partnered with PASF, to operate a day-use facility in Healdsburg. The facility serves as a resource for the community. Services include: cat and dog adoptions, acceptance of stray and owner-surrendered animals, and redemptions of lost animals.
The hours of operation for the day-use facility are 9am - 5pm Monday through Saturday. At night, the animals are housed at the SHS Santa Rosa Center, 5345 Hwy 12 West in Santa Rosa. On Sunday, the City of Healdsburg Police Department steps in to handle stray animal needs. Indoor stray hold areas are available to the HPD for drop off during closed hours.


Q. Where can I find information on animals available for adoption and the adoption process?
A. You can find information on animals available for adoption and our adoption process on our website, sonomahumane.org. You can also call (707) 280-9632 to speak with one of our caring and knowledgeable staff members or volunteers about the adoption process.

Q. If I need to surrender my pet, what do I do?
A. The Sonoma Humane Society seeks to provide alternatives to pet relinquishment. If you need to surrender your pet, please review our Re-homing Packet or call (707) 280-9632 to inquire about an appointment and availability. SHS Healdsburg Center will accept owner surrendered pets from residents of Healdsburg by appointment. We are a trusted and community-based resource here to offer hope to every animal and pet-owner. If your circumstances have changed and you need to find a new home for your beloved pet, please let us help you through the process.

Q. Will the Healdsburg Center have emergency medical care available?
A. The Healdsburg Center will provide supportive veterinary care for the homeless animals at the Healdsburg Center. This means treating for routine medical issues that do not require surgery or emergency care. Animals with severe/complex medical conditions will be transported to the Sonoma Humane Society's shelter hospital in Santa Rosa for care.

Q. Will there be a public veterinary hospital at the Healdsburg Center?
A. No, the Healdsburg Center will not provide public veterinary support. We encourage pet owners to develop a relationship with a local veterinarian for the lifetime care of their pet(s).

Q. Will there be dog training classes at the Healdsburg Center?
A. Yes, eventually we hope to provide behavior support for both cats and dogs for the community of Healdsburg. Our first step will be to assess the needs of the Healdsburg community and develop a sustainable model for providing training and behavior services.  

Your support and donations restricted to the Give Me Shelter – Healdsburg Center campaign are needed and appreciated!

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